3 Lifelines During Life’s Sinkholes


Sometimes the bottom seems to drop out from beneath you. Financial crisis, loss, illness, or any manner of devastation can occur when we least expect it possible. Sinkholes will cave around our feet in life, even for those of us who try to plan well.

A stomach virus served me a minor setback this week, but offered me a chance to reflect upon how we can get through more significant challenges. Today’s video includes a devotional passage from Carol Kent’s He Holds my Hand (available at https://carolkent.org/he-holds-my-hand/) and the following three lifelines:

  • This is temporary, for there’s always hope and renewal in Christ.
  • I’m never alone in suffering, for the Lord is faithful to remain with me through all.
  • I have words of inspiration and encouragement to which I can cling. Scripture and the wise messages of anointed Christians are available to get me through times of crisis.

Are you experiencing a sinkhole in life? I’d be honored to pray for you, and truly hope these words have offered you comfort.

Be Encouraged,


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