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  • Developing Leadership Skills with Bunni Pounds September 22, 2023
    How can we develop effective leadership skills with lasting impact? On this episode of Flourish-Meant, host Tina Yeager sits down with leadership expert Bunni Pounds to discuss the importance of developing skills and making an impact in various areas of life. Drawing on the story of Nehemiah, they explore the power of perseverance, prayer, and […]
  • Silence Your Inner Critic with Tracy Taris September 15, 2023
    On this episode of Flourish-Meant, host Tina Yeager speaks with psychotherapist Tracy Taris about silencing your inner critic. Tracy provides insight into how we can notice when something isn't good for us and suggests developing a relationship with God and his word through daily bible reading to prompt the Holy Spirit to guide us. They […]
  • Deliverance and Hope with Destiny Yarbrough September 8, 2023
    On this episode of Flourish-Meant, Tina Yeager speaks with guest Destiny Yarbrough about spending time with the Holy Spirit to build trust, the importance of vulnerability and being real, and finding a qualified counselor. Destiny also discusses their personal story of going through a painful divorce with an addict, the dangers of keeping emotions bottled […]
  • Little Strength Big God with Debbie W. Wilson September 1, 2023
    On this episode of Flourish-Meant, we delve into the topic of finding strength and opportunities in challenging situations. Our guest, Debbie W. Wilson, shares her personal experiences as a mother and her unexpected role in heading up a decorating committee for her church. We explore the story of Deborah and Barak from the Bible and […]
  • Secret to Joy in Relationships with Becky Harling August 25, 2023
    On this episode of Flourish-Meant, host Tina Yeager invites Becky Harling to discuss the secret to joy in relationships. The episode covers a variety of topics such as the importance of managing expectations, the necessity of being humble in relationships, the significance of the Holy Spirit's intervention, and building personal relationships in today's society. Becky […]
  • Breaking Chains Through Compassionate Hope with Susan Henson August 18, 2023
    On this episode of Flourish-Meant, host Tina Yeager interviews Susan Henson, co-founder of Compassionate Hope Ministries, about breaking chains and experiencing compassionate hope. Susan shares her personal journey as a missionary, speaker, and author, inspiring listeners to pursue a closer relationship with God. Later in the episode, listeners learn about the efforts to rescue and […]
  • Crushing Insecurity with Dr. Kim Allen August 11, 2023
    Hey, fellow entrepreneurs! If you struggle with insecurity, you're not alone. I had an inspiring conversation on my podcast episode with Dr. Kim Allen about crushing insecurity. We talked about identifying our spiritual gifts, not comparing ourselves to men, and discerning the voices in our minds. Dr. Allen provided practical tips on how to overcome […]
  • Launching Our Kids Well with Colleen O'Grady August 4, 2023
    How can we dial up relationships with our maturing kids and help them launch well? Today's guest, Colleen O'Grady, offers clinical and personal insights to guide parents on how to support adolescents and twenty-somethings toward successful experiences as adults.  Colleen O'Grady, MA, LPC is a licensed therapist and life coach who helps moms reduce drama, reclaim their […]
  • Bolster Your Home Life in August with Flourish Meant August 2, 2023
      Hey there! It's Tina Yeager, your host from the Flourish-Meant podcast, and I am buzzing with excitement to share the highlights from our upcoming episodes this month! Catch the full episodes on your favorite podcast platform or watch it on our YouTube channel! Just search for Flourish-Meant, and hit that subscribe button so you […]
  • Overcome Anxiety with June Hunt July 28, 2023
    On this episode of Flourish-Meant, host Tina Yeager interviews June Hunt, founder of global biblical counseling ministry Hope for the Heart, to discuss how to overcome anxiety. June highlights the importance of trusting God and shares practical tips for managing anxiety attacks. They cover different types of anxiety disorders and share personal anecdotes of overcoming […]

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