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  • Secrets of Grief Survival with Jenny Leavitt February 23, 2024
    In this episode of Flourish-Meant, host Tina Yeager sits down with special guest Jenny Leavitt to explore the gripping topic of surviving grief. Jenny, a pastor's wife, award-winning author, speaker, and coach, shares her personal, clerical, and professional experience with grief, as she delves into her mission to help others find hope and healing after […]
  • Why Youre Exhausted and How to Fix Fatigue with Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith February 16, 2024
    Welcome to this episode of "Flourish-Meant" where we delve into the topic of why we're so exhausted and how to find solutions for fatigue. In this enlightening conversation, host Tina Yeager is joined by the esteemed Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith, a physician and best-selling author of "Sacred Rest". Dr. Smith sheds light on the often […]
  • Loving Others Without Losing Yourself with Sonja Meyrer February 9, 2024
    Welcome to another episode of Flourish-Meant! In today's insightful and thought-provoking exchange, host Tina Yeager sits down for a second conversation with Sonja Meyrer, a compassionate expert. Sonja delves into the importance of setting healthy boundaries with empathy and grace. With practical tips and empowering insights, Sonja reveals the transformative power of recognizing one's worth […]
  • Enjoy Wholistic Health in 2024 with Dr. Jackie McKool February 2, 2024
    Welcome to the "Flourish-Meant" podcast! In today's episode, host Tina Yeager interviews Dr. Jackie McKool, a seasoned practitioner in holistic health and wellness. They discuss Dr. McKool's remarkable testimony and her path to embracing holistic healthcare after overcoming addiction. Listeners will gain insights into finding a holistic health practitioner, setting wellness goals, and taking practical […]
  • Thriving After Loss with Chuck and Ashley Elliott January 26, 2024
    Thriving After Loss: Insights from Pastor and Counselor Duo Chuck and Ashley Elliott Welcome to Flourish-Meant, the podcast that helps you navigate through life's struggles and triumphs. In today's episode, our host Tina Yeager delves into the topic of thriving after loss with special guests Chuck and Ashley Elliott, authors of the book "I Used […]
  • Winning at Conflict Resolution in 2024 with Donna Jones January 19, 2024
    How can we handle conflict resolution in our homes? Welcome to Flourish-Meant, where we explore the art of thriving in all aspects of life. In today's episode, our host, Tina Yeager, and guest, Donna Jones, engage in a heartfelt conversation about navigating conflict in relationships. They delve into the deep-rooted connection between conflicts and self-protection, […]
  • From Convict to Clergyman Biblical Manhood with Jerry Duckworth January 12, 2024
    Jerry Duckworth's impactful story highlights the redemptive power of faith and the journey to finding purpose and fulfillment. From encountering challenges as a homeless drug addict to finding stability, education, and family, Jerry's transformative narrative offers hope and encouragement for anyone in need of a new beginning. Throughout the episode, Jerry emphasizes the significance of […]
  • Music and Tools for Emotional Wellbeing with Fellowship Creative January 5, 2024
    Welcome to another enlightening episode of Flourish-Meant! In this episode, our host Tina Yeager chats with the talented Angela De La Pena from Fellowship Creative. They discuss how to find music and tools for emotional well-being and the mission behind the recent album, "The Help Project." Angela shares how they aim to support those in […]
  • From Despair to Hope Dealer with Julie Seals December 29, 2023
    In this episode of Flourish-Meant, host Tina Yeager sits down with the incredible Julie Seals to discuss her remarkable journey from despair to becoming a hope dealer. Julie shares her powerful testimony of transformation, from a life of addiction, crime, and despair, to her current roles as a prison evangelist, ordained minister, speaker, author, wife, […]
  • Gifts from God's Presence at Christmas and Beyond with Jeannie Waters December 22, 2023
    In this episode of Flourish-Meant, Tina Yeager and guest Jeannie Waters explore how we can experience the gifts of God's presence not only during Christmas but in our daily lives. They delve into the importance of focusing on the spiritual meaning of Christmas and creating a connection with God, even in the midst of busyness. […]

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