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  • Hope and Humor for the Holidays with Michelle Medlock Adams and Andy Clapp December 1, 2023
    How can we experience hope and humor this holiday season? Welcome to Flourish-Meant, the podcast that brings you hope and humor for the holidays. In this very special episode, join host Tina Yeager as she engages in a heartwarming conversation with the amazing author and speaker Michelle Medlock Adams and the insightful pastor and author […]
  • When Holidays Trigger Trauma with Dr. Barbara Lowe November 24, 2023
    As the holiday season approaches, we wanted to address a topic that is important yet often overlooked – how holidays can trigger trauma reactions. In our latest episode of Flourish-Meant, host Tina Yeager sits down with expert guest Dr. Barbara Lowe to explore this crucial issue. Dr. Barbara Lowe, a licensed psychologist and founder of […]
  • Purpose in Uncertainty with Grace Wabuke Klein November 17, 2023
    How can we find purpose in seasons of uncertainty? Today's exciting new episode offers encouragement and insights for navigating uncertain seasons with grace and purpose from featured guest Grace Wabuke Klein, a speaker, author, and co-leader of Focus 412 ministry. Grace recently released a powerful book titled "Flourish: Finding Purpose in the Unknown and Unexpected […]
  • Bravery, Character, and Leadership with Dr. Jennifer London November 10, 2023
    How can we instill bravery, character, and leadership in our households this Veteran's Day? Join us as we engage in a meaningful discussion on how we can cultivate bravery, character, and leadership in our lives, while also recognizing and supporting those who have served our country. This episode is a heartfelt tribute to our veterans […]
  • Encounter Yahweh Nissi with Benny DiChiara November 3, 2023
    How can we encounter Yahweh Nissi and experience God as the banner over our lives? Join today's multi-talented celebrity guest, Benny DiChiara for an empowering episode of Flourish-Meant, where we explore faith, resilience, and encountering the presence of God in our lives. In this episode, our host Tina Yeager invites Benny DiChiara, singer-songwriter, recording artist, […]
  • God Adores You with Elizabeth Bristol October 27, 2023
    Welcome to another episode of Flourish-Meant! Today, we have a very special guest, Elizabeth Bristol, joining us to discuss a topic close to our hearts: "God Adores You." Elizabeth is an author, educator, and speaker who has overcome people-pleasing, abuse, and neglect through Christ-centered care. She knows firsthand the struggle of seeking love and feeling […]
  • Raising Confident Kids in an Uncertain World with Nellie Harden October 20, 2023
    Welcome back to another episode of Flourish-Meant! In today's episode, we have a very special guest, Nellie Harden, joining our host Tina Yeager to discuss a topic that is close to every parent's heart: How do we raise confident kids in a changing and unpredictable world? Nellie, a renowned family life and leadership coach, draws […]
  • Healthy Relationships Amid Sexpectations with Barb Winters October 13, 2023
    How can we help our kids cultivate healthy relationships amid a culture of sexpectations? In this episode, Barb Winters shares her personal journey as a mother of a recovered pornography addict and how it led her to become a certified sexual risk avoidance specialist.  Barb Winters is the author of Sexpectations: Helping the Next Generation Navigate […]
  • Prayer to Conquer Fear and Despair with Richard Gamble October 6, 2023
    On this episode of Flourish-Meant, Tina Yeager welcomes guest Richard Gamble, the visionary behind the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, a monumental piece of public art revealing how Jesus has answered a million personal prayers. It will be the largest database of hope stories in the world. Having the idea in 2004, God gave him […]
  • Dear Future Husband with Cally Logan September 29, 2023
    On this episode of Flourish-Meant, join host Tina Yeager and special guest Cally Logan as they delve into the topic of "Dear Future Husband." Cally highlights the importance of listening to God and investing in a relationship with Him. She shares her own practices, such as specific times for worship, intercession, and requests, as well […]

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