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  • Fulfill Your Destiny with Dr. Jamie Morgan June 2, 2023
    How can we fulfill our God-given destiny? Today's guest shares insights on how to discover and live in the fullness of our divine calling.  Dr. Jamie Morgan is an ordained minister, conference speaker, podcaster, TV show host, author, and mentor. She has published four books and writes for Charisma and other publications around the world. Her […]
  • Encouragement for Children Facing Anxiety with Mary Holloman May 26, 2023
    How can we help our children when they're facing anxiety? Today's guest, author Mary Holloman, shares insights and techniques for parents seeking to help their kids overcome fear. Mary Holloman is a contributing author for three books and has written for many online publications, including Her View From Home, Lifeway Research, the Ethics & Religious Liberty […]
  • Thrive with a Mental Illness with Katie R. Dale May 19, 2023
    How can you thrive when facing a mental illness? Today's guest, Katie Dale, shares personal and clinical experience to nurture empathy and resilience for those battling mental illness.   Katie Dale is no stranger to the storms of Serious Mental Illness. With personal lived experience and professional clinical background, she shares her insights to enlighten […]
  • Centering Your Calling with Rebecca George May 12, 2023
    How can we center our calling and pursue true, lasting fulfillment? Today's guest, media host and ministry leader Rebecca George, offers the keys to setting a firm foundation and discerning our best steps in life. Rebecca is the founder and visionary of Radical Radiance® - a podcast community where listeners are equipped to blend what […]
  • Grit to Break Barriers with Mimika Cooney May 5, 2023
    How can we develop the grit to break through barriers and unstick our minds? Today's guest, Mimika Cooney, shares tools based on faith and neuroscience to help you move forward to fulfill your purpose and live your best. Mimika is the creator of the “Unstick Your Mind“ a mindset mastery method, a transformative program that […]
  • Divine Opportunities with Pray.Com Co-Founder Matthew Potter May 3, 2023
    How do we recognize divine opportunities? Today's guest, Pray.Com Co-Founder Matthew Potter, shares incredible true testimonies and insights to empower you to fulfill God's dream for your life. Matthew Potter is a co-founder of, the world’s #1 app for daily prayer and faith-based audio content, driven by a mission to grow faith and cultivate […]
  • Shame After an Abortion with Angel Murchison April 28, 2023
    How can someone overcome the shame experienced after an abortion? Today's guest, abortion survivor Angel Murchison, offers insights to help those suffering from the emotional trauma of this procedure. Angel is the founder of Healing Waters Women’s Ministry, the author of Good Morning Beautiful People: Angel’s Prayer of the Day, and a radio talk show […]
  • Steps to Accomplish Your Dreams with Victoria Duerstock April 21, 2023
    How can we take steps to accomplish our dreams? Today's guest, author and accomplished entrepreneur Victoria Duerstock, shares insights from her success journey on achieving your God-given destiny. Victoria Duerstock is an award-winning author, multi-passionate creator, and founder of End Game Press. She founded her publishing company with a passion to create beauty, community, and […]
  • Unwrapping Your Worth in Christ with Royce King April 14, 2023
    Unwrapping Your Worth in Christ with Royce King When we feel worthless or we lose sight of our purpose and value, how can we unwrap our worth in Christ? That's the topic we're going to be addressing today on Flourish-Meant. Today I have a lovely woman of God with me. Her name is Royce King. […]
  • Women in Ministry with Julie Z. Coleman April 7, 2023
    What if the conventional limitations placed on women in the church aren't really Biblical at all? Today's guest, Julie Zine Coleman, reveals the accurate ways to interpret scriptures about a woman's role as she serves God. When correctly understood, Scripture actually teaches freedom for women. Expert Bible teacher Julie Zine Coleman will take us through and […]

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